Hey guys, so I have been thinking of what to post and nothing really came to my mind. I was going to post about my visit to Owerri but then I did not get to see many places but I had this really nice shawarma from Channel 0 I think.

However, since I did not know what to post about, I decided to share one of the little stories I always formulate in my head. So here it is.

She never knew love could hurt this way. Why had nobody warned her? Why was she not aware that his presence and absence in her life could change everything ?

She sat in the class for the third time this week and he walked in. She tried looking up to see if he would even look at her but he did not. He just passed and acted like they never had something. She was young, naive, ignorant but she knew deep down that she did not deserve this. She was not a saint but this was just so bad. He later left with his friends and his loud laughter filled the air.

The only place she knew was her hideout. When everyone had settled down, she stood up and went over. She cried and cried for days, months but it was to no avail. It was clear that it was all over. She remembered all his letters and poems to her and she laughed. She also recalled how she never liked this person but now, he means the whole world to her. She was shy but this was new so she thought he would understand. He did not. This was clearly the worst time of her life.

She received a letter one day and it was from him. It confirmed the rumors that had been in the air of him leaving. This broke her heart but she was happy that he informed her. She believed that this was the second chance she had waited for all her life. Well, this second chance lasted for only some months.

She was heartbroken. What she believed as her only chance at love had slipped through her fingers and she blamed herself. She couldn’t bring herself for others to fill that void. This guy had enveloped her and the feeling was so overwhelming. She prayed day and night for it to go away but it did not and so she sat on her bed in her little space staring outside and trying to think about what had gone wrong. What really did she do wrong? No answers came to her and so she kept looking out….

She wished he knew what he did, how he made her feel. She was broken. All she wanted was a last chance to ask him questions because only then would she be able to move on and fill the void in her life.

However, she chose to let go and let life lead her. She decided that she could not lose herself because of this so she chose happiness.

If you have reached here, thank you so much for reading this and please drop your comments. I’m an amateur at such stories but it’s all good.


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