Twenty Random Facts About Me!

1. My name is Hillary Ayebaifie Ojeke.

2. I am a 400 level law student.

3. I love traveling, making new friends and taking pictures but I hate it when people offer to take me pictures.

4. I am from Bayelsa State. I am ijaw and not Igbo because everyone tells me I look Igbo.

5. I love toasted bread, chocolate cake and ice cream.

6. I love talking, I talk a lot if I am friends with you but I can be quiet too.

7. I always cry after watching certain movies and shows. I cried when I watched Wags Miami season 2 and I still do not know why.

8. I do not have a best food (I can eat almost everything).

9. I like to believe that I am a very nice person or perhaps I can be a nice person when I want to.

10. I do not know what I am weighing currently but I am going to check.

11. I love nude lip-stains.

12. I always fight for what I want. I am very determined if I need something.

13. I can be a pest. I ask a lot of questions and my mum gets tired of my questions.

14. I seem to appear very rude (it’s not my fault) and I can be really annoying.

15. I am also funny and cheerful but many people do not get my jokes.

16. I can be judgmental but I’m working on it.

17. I believe I’m socially awkward.

18. I have the best set of friends on earth and the best second family too (HKA Students).

19. I love my family and relations with my life (please do not mess with any of them).

20. I love God and I am an Eckist.


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