Self Doubt

The topic today happens to everyone. There’s always that point in our life that we feel we are not good enough. This happens to me most times and I want to share my story.

I got admission into the university immediately I graduated from high school. I always prayed for that. However, when it was time for me to resume, I was not happy. I became sick but my dad and mum still took me to school. We lodged at the school’s inn and that night I could not sleep because I could not breathe properly. I actually thought that was the end for me. My parents could not also sleep because they were bothered. The next day I went for registration and immediately I was done, my dad took permission from the registrar so I could go home. She permitted me and we left for Bayelsa that same day. I was happy although I had not recovered. I was glad knowing that I was going to still be at home.

Two weeks later, I resumed school and my self doubt was still there.I was sad πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ and I did not want to do anything about it. However, some days later I talked to someone and I was advised that I could actually do everything because I was soul and I had my Eck masters with me and above all; I had GOD😊😊. Immediately I realized this,I said bye to my self doubt and I kicked it out.

The whole point is that sometimes we feel “oh, I’m too young for this” or “I can’t do this”, that’s not true. We can do everything because God is watching us. I felt I was too young to cope with university stress and all those lecturers contributed to my self doubt too. I want you to know that once you realize the hand of God in your life, you’d have nothing to stress you.

The truth is that once in a while my self doubt still comes but my inner voice assures me all the time that SUGMAD (GOD) is always with me ❀. To everyone out there, always tell yourself “I can do it”. Once you do that, there’s no force that can stop you from achieving your goal. Christians have this saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, I don’t know the exact saying but that should be it. So every time you are down and your self doubt comes knocking on your door, stare it right in the face and kick it out. When you realize that you are an article of God’s love, you’d know that nothing is impossible for you, for me and for everyone out there. Also, we are humans so we are free to make mistakes.


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